Here is a list of opportunities you could be getting involved with. Get in touch with us if you are interested.

Italy (1)
Portugal (2)
South Asia (1)
Spain (2)

flag Italy

OM ARTS Incarnate 2018 - Dance

The aim of the programme is to prepare you as a whole person and how you apply your artistic skill and gifts in a missional and cross cultural context. You will use art in many of your course assignments and also be mentored in your art form.

flag Portugal

Transform 2017 Portugal - Dancelink

New estimates put the Evangelical population in Portugal at less than 1%! Come partner with the local believers in Fafe and use your gifts in dance to bringing the hope of Jesus to this devout Catholic nation. The goal of this team is to be an encouragement and a blessing to this small church, and work together to reach out to the unreached surrounding community. During the outreach week you will use your gifts in dance to participate in and lead a Dance workshop focusing on reaching out to young people. You will pass on your skills, share your testimony and build relationships. At the end of the week there will be an opportunity to put on a recital in the town center for the parents and community. There will also be opportunities to perform street dancing, be involved with the church and build relationships with the community through intentional activities. Be prepared to be flexible!

Summer 'Awesome Camp'

This camp will be a time where Christian young people (age 16-25) and their nonbeliever friends can mix together through fun camp activities, devotions, food and fellowship. The camp will be run through a partner organization and will be held in English. This is an exciting time for the young people to also improve their language skills.

flag South Asia

Nepal Summit experience - hiking the trails

When you join 'Summit Experience' you will experience how God is working in Nepal. You will learn about the Nepali church, Hinduism and Buddhism, and the daily life of OM Nepal team members. You will not only see what God is doing in this country, but how you can get involved. Trek for multiple weeks into remote areas of Nepal and experience first-hand the needs of the Nepalese. Get a taste of what ministry among people in one of the hardest-to-reach countries is like.

flag Spain

Transform 2017 Spain- " Al estiu, viu la llum" Reus, Tarragona

Reus is a city of 110.000 inhabitants. There is a lot of cultural and trade activities in the city. You will work alongside a local baptist church in the city centre.

Transform 2017 Spain- "Vida al Carrer" Cambrils, Tarragona

Cambrils is a town of 35.000 inhabitants, with a beautiful beach where many Spanish families spend their summer. These families come from a Catholic background and not knowledge of the real meaning of the gospel.