file0001293839985In all we sent ten dancers to Portugal, France and Malta.

We had four dancers from four nations in Portugal. Australia, Jamaica, Portugal and UK/USA (I am both!) The most encouraging outcome was that as we danced in the Town  Fayre Event, the organizer commented that she would LOVE the Caminho (Freedom) Church and Dancelink to be involved at any time as the quality of dance was "outstanding."

clearthebirdsIn 2006 I was touring in South Africa. One night at a concert at the Lighthouse Church, I was about to go on stage and God whispered "When you dance you clear the birds." I had absolutely no idea what that meant but wrote it down. After the Concert a total stranger came up to me with a pointing finger saying authoritatively "Do you know what you do when you dance?" I spluttered something like "hopefully blessing God and the Body of Christ?

israelgirlsIt's amazing how dance opens peoples hearts and minds,without hardly a word being spoken. Dance is a loud visual language which I believe helps head and heart to connect

Recently we were in Israel.

A friend of mine forwarded this email to a bunch of us in this Christian Dance Company in NYC two years ago.  She had gone on a trip to Hungary and danced with a band.  I had no interest in dance as missions at the time, even though I had travelled Europe extensively it just wasn’t something that crossed my mind.  I run a Christian performing arts center which is constantly ministering to others, and I had taught at a dance studio in Mexico, but again missions wasn’t on my radar, but Malta sounded intriguing.

Dance can be a language to speak into people's lives, and I saw how God works powerfully through dance.

There are 2 main pieces that we danced...