Dance can be a language to speak into people's lives, and I saw how God works powerfully through dance.

There are 2 main pieces that we danced...


  1. “Dead come to Life” is a contemporary dance based on 2 Bible incidents. Ezekiel prophesied over the bones and God made them come to life; then, it was Mary who mourned for her brother, Lazarus' death and Jesus brought him back to life. This piece is symbolically powerful as it points many people to their need to be alive in Christ, to know Jesus as their Savior and Life.
  2. “Freedom Indeed” is a joyful Hip Hop piece to show that we are free in Christ because as we accept Jesus into our lives, we are free from the bondage of sin and we can declare our freedom in Him and celebrate the joy of Salvation in Christ. We dance because we are free in Christ.
  3. “27 million” is another Hip Hop piece we learned during the 3rd week that was targeted at bringing awareness to the people about human trafficking.
  4. “King of Glory” is a Portuguese Christian song with lyrics based on Psalms 24. We used this piece for improvisation and to declare and invite God's glory to come.

God used these dances for us to meet so many people. We performed at the church, the children's home, elderly homes, outdoor at the marketplace, as well as outdoor flashmobs. I had the opportunity to show affection to people. 

I know that God loves them more than I could ever offer. The most precious gift that I can offer them is Jesus. Colossians 3:23 was a great motivation for me to do everything not to please men but to glorify God.  I have learned that in any situation this verse is crucial.  We kept our attitudes right in God, because discouragement is the first thing that could attack our team. We learned that it is so important as dancers to dance to glorify God and not focus on just performance for audience. Changing our mindset made a big difference in our dance presentation to people. In so being said, our team was put to test when we were to perform at the marketplace during an outreach. For some strange reason, the speaker wouldn't function. It stopped after a few seconds every single time when we were about to dance to the music. We gathered as a group to pray that God will work in the hearts of the people if the music does not work. Amy, our group leader told us that if the music stopped again, we should continue to dance. True enough, the music stopped, and we as a team bravely danced through without music. We continued to performe other dances. A man came up to one of us after we did our Chinese fan dance “Blessing”. He said “As I watch the dance, it is like you are trying to say something in the dance and I need to know what it is!” We had a great conversation with him about Jesus through the dance melody that is based on Proverbs 3:5-6, and we were able to pray for him and get him connected to the church in Faro.

On the last day of our outreach, our team worked with the church to organize a flashmob, and then continue on with other dances.  The last dance turned out unexpectedly to be an improvisation item to pray for Portugal. We used the Portuguese song “King of Glory”, and our team did improvisation to this song. It was very powerful. Thalita took the lead to start off, then Patience entered. Her movement included twirling movements, turns, jumps and leaps. Her prayer was to stir the hearts of the people, bringing redemption and revival into the land, and let God's fire fall into this place. I stepped in after her, and I did more graceful movement of restoration, renewing the mind and thanksgiving.  I believe something happened to those that watched and listened to the message of the song itself.

By Mercy Lay - Portugal 2013