israelgirlsIt's amazing how dance opens peoples hearts and minds,without hardly a word being spoken. Dance is a loud visual language which I believe helps head and heart to connect

Recently we were in Israel.

We set up to dance,high on a mountain overlooking Lake Galilee. God often asks us to worship on the "High Places."

As we danced a few came and went, but two beautiful Hebrew girls just sat and watched for over an hour. We just worshiped Jeshua regardless of who noticed.

As we packed up the girls approached us and thanked us for the "beautiful dance" They asked us why we did it ,so I explained that God gave us the gift and now we only dance for Him and His Glory.

"Oh we don"t do religion" one replied. I answered...."neither do I! Religion is man's feeble attempt to please God,but knowing Jeshua's voice here in your heart (pointing to my heart) is the real thing!"

One of the workers in Israel asked "Would you like to know the voice of Jeshua in your heart?". They both said "yes" so she prayed with them asking Jeshua to reveal Himself to them and speak  to their hearts.

I asked them their names. One was Rachel and the other a Hebrew name I couldn't pronounce, so I asked if she knew the meaning of her name. She smiled and said "Light of the morning dew." I replied, "Well, He will speak to you by the light of the morning dew, whenever you listen." Her smile never just faded.

The workers took their details and will continue the friendship. Pray for these beautiful young women, whose hearts were so fully open to us and Jeshua.