clearthebirdsIn 2006 I was touring in South Africa. One night at a concert at the Lighthouse Church, I was about to go on stage and God whispered "When you dance you clear the birds." I had absolutely no idea what that meant but wrote it down. After the Concert a total stranger came up to me with a pointing finger saying authoritatively "Do you know what you do when you dance?" I spluttered something like "hopefully blessing God and the Body of Christ?

He continued..."You clear the Heavenly Realm and you are anointed to do so because of all you have gone through in your life"
Immediately the Parable of the sower came to mind, when Jesus interpreted the parable as the birds being "demonic beings." I realized that if they steal the seed to prevent it from taking root in people's hearts,then to "clear" them in an area geographically,would be helpful to the local preachers of the Gospel, as there would not be any birds to steal seed,after the dancers danced!

Of course I believe this now with all my heart as a direct teaching from God's heart,but have never had proof.....until 2012.

Last Easter I heard the fabulous story from Portugal's field leader, who shared how a Dancelink team went to a very resistant town to the Gospel, in the North, called Mondim de Basto. After the team had ministered visibly on the streets and invisibly in the spiritual realm, the next evangelistic transit teams' leader commented that people were very open "as if someone had already prepared the way before the team!" Considering it had been so resistant to the gospel until that time....I believe it is not too much of a stretch to say God gave me a little encouragement and proof of this teaching!

"Go God!" is all I want to say....and I rest my case, with a very grateful heart.

Linda Wells