file0001293839985In all we sent ten dancers to Portugal, France and Malta.

We had four dancers from four nations in Portugal. Australia, Jamaica, Portugal and UK/USA (I am both!) The most encouraging outcome was that as we danced in the Town  Fayre Event, the organizer commented that she would LOVE the Caminho (Freedom) Church and Dancelink to be involved at any time as the quality of dance was "outstanding."

My delight knew no bounds when the afore said Fieldleader commented that we had "built many bridges between the church and the Town, that are excellently helpful."

Each afternoon we taught workshops of Contemporary Ballet, Regae, Salsa, and HipHop/ Street, to Orphans from a local School.

I don't think I have ever taught such focused and hardworking children before. We had 8-10 year olds executing the same Choreography as teenagers, excellently. Some of the teenage boys were a little reluctant in the beginning to join in, but once they saw Justin spin around on his head, they were "all in!"

We had a "Dance Spectacular" on the last night in the biggest Park in the town that had a beautiful lake and Amphitheatre. Probably three hundred people sat in there, plus many people standing around the park, or sitting in coffee shops/bars listening and watching intently.

The Gospel was clearly presented in word and dance!

Linda Wells - Portugal 2015